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We create apps for ecommerce plateform. All our apps are compatible with shopify. These apps can help you to boost your sales and conversion rate.

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Our Happy Customers

App is great! I've never had anyone react and work so quickly as the Zooomy team. Thank You so much for your extra fast help!.

Ilu ja Hing

I have never worked with developers who are so quick with responding and were able to customise the look to our design in exactly one shot! We previously had to pay for such features and had to have numerous communications to adjust basic design features. Highly recommend this app.


Great app! We have used this app for two separate projects... Both required additional work from their dev team which were great to work with!

EF Collection

I must say I just recently started using the app and already I'm extremely pleased. First I was able to follow the simple instructions provided to integrate it to my site without any technical knowledge. Yea me!! The real deal however is with customer support... they were able to solve my issue in seconds... Literally.... Another 5 from us @ Caribbean Shopping Online.com

Caribbean Shopping Online

Took me 5 minutes to install from watching the video.
Does exactly what they say it does.
My store looks professional now.
I've come back after having the app for 2 weeks and I love it. Thanks Peeps

Elegant Haven Online

This app is the PERFECT addition to my website. Before I was having to manually tag all the products in the description and with that, they only saw (Get the top HERE) and would have to click on it just to see the product. With this app, it allows them to visually see each individual product and add all the featured items without leaving the main product page they originally came to.
I did have an issue with my mobile view, but the Zooomy Team was able to fix that within minutes. They were super quick to respond to my initial email, like within ONE MINUTE of me sending it. Like dang, they are on top of this!! I've had to wait 24 hours for a response from other apps.
So overall, I highly recommend this app and if you have any issues, just reach out to them. They'll get you taken care of!

Happily Ever Aften

I usually don't leave reviews, but their customer support was so helpful that I just felt like I needed to let everyone know about their app. I'm using this app to show related products and best-sellers and it works very well. It's all manual but for a free app it does everything you could ask. Also, It's customizable, so you can choose the colors according to your shops theme. As I mentioned earlier their customer support is A+, super fast and always with a solution. Thanks! Totally recommend.


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