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We created apps for an ecommerce plateform. All our apps are compatible with shopify. These apps can help you to boost your sales and conversion rate.

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Apps created by zooomy

We created following shopify apps, to boost conversion and sale rate. All our apps are compatible with shopify.

Zooomy Wishlist

Wishlist is an important tool for todays e-commerce. Customers like to browse products many times before purchasing. By having wishlish opetion on you products lets your customers save the items for quick view the next time they come back to your store. This makes the customer happy having all their favorite items at one place instead of searching the entire store again.

Zooomy Shop The look

Shop the look / Get the look app shows the list of all the products that model is wearing in product picture. Customers can see all the items at one page and they can choose items they want to purchase. They can click on add to cart button and add the product to cart without redirecting to product page.

Zooomy Cross Sell

It allows you to manually select the related items that you would like to assign for each product in your Shopify store. The embed code snippet can be easily integrated with all standard and custom Shopify themes with no effort. No coding knowledge is required to setup the app.