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We have a generous free plan so that store owners can try Wishify and see the benefits. Free plan allows store owners to customize wishlist button, icons, etc to match their store. Free plan also allows a total of upto 100 wishlist items to be added across all customers. Kindly note this count is not per user. Installation is very easy and our customer support team is happy to assist. All our customer support comes with the app at no cost.
When a customer adds an item to wishlist then the wishlist count is increased. If the customer deletes or purchases the item from wishlist the count is not impacted. The wishlist count in dashboard is updated multiple times throughout the day
Once the monthly wishlist count for the store is reached, you will get an email. Wishlist plugin will be deactivated from your store. Due to this your customers will not be able to access their wishlist. Once the plan is upgraded or a new calendar month begins Wishify plugin will be automatically reactivated.
If you do not upgrade the plan, and your monthly count is reached the wishlist button will be removed from your store untill your quota becomes 0 again on next month.
Wishllist count can be checked on the app dashboard in the back end.
Absolutely. Customers can share their wishlists through whatsapp, facebook, mail etc. This feature is available for all plans except free plan.


Absolutely not. We have made the app extremely simple to install and use. You will simply need to copy the code in the desirect location where you want your wishlist to appear. If you need any help or assistance simply reach out to our support team [email protected] and our support team will take care of it at no extra cost.
Installing the app will take less than 2 mins. We have many setting options to customize wishlist buttons, icons,etc to match your store. This will take about 5 mins. In all you should be up and running in less than 10mins.
We will be very happy to do it for you. We understand each theme is different and it can be challenging to perfectly place the wishlist button. Simply reach out to our support team [email protected] and our support team will take care of it at no extra cost.
No, the app does not work with lazy loading / infinite scroll on collection pages.


Yes. In the backend you will find many options to customize all wishlist settings to match wishlist to your store theme. Our app support team can assist with any custom CSS coding if needed.
Yes. You can simply type the text in the box provided and hit save.

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